About Kimberly Brookes

It isn’t all about me. It is all about encouraging cooperation, whether among disputants, soccer players, or IT staff and the communities they serve. It is that consensus building approach that links these 3 areas of endeavor.

Mediation: Beyond Dispute. I am an analytical listener learning the crafts of alternative conflict resolution including mediation. I help people, particularly youth, create their own re-solutions to disagreements by exploring with them the problem at hand, perhaps uncovering an issue different from what they initially identified as the disagreement. With my ACR colleagues, I work with disputants to unwrap their wants and needs and focus on what, if any, agreement they can together create and commit to. As an apt facilitator, I am learning the techniques of holding circles, particularly in schools and with families.

I am a soccer coach proven to build close-knit teams of youth soccer players. I modify my teaching methods to suit a given age group, from 8 year olds to 18 year olds. Using an affirming style based on mutual respect, I challenge every player to improve her individual and teamwork skills based on age and her own level of skill and maturity. I model and instill positive communication and cooperation. I emphasize fun, fairness, and learning. I cultivate the competitive spirit, courage, and confidence that enables players to make practiced but independent decisions on the field.

Technology: It’s All About People. I am a technology leader who thrives on mentoring, collaborating, facilitating, and orchestrating. I have extensive experience in higher education IT, analyzing problems and opportunities, and creating short- and long-term strategies. Through writing, editing, presenting, and conversation, I excel at translating between “techno-speak” and academic needs. I inspire students, faculty, staff, and administrators to be creative, pragmatic, and productive.

[If you would prefer a more traditional view of my experience and work history, please see my profile on LinkedIn.]